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  3. You are now in ignite.  Enjoy!

The first part you can access is the Teachers Resources.  Please feel free to have a good explore around this section to see how straight forward ignite is for Teachers, but also how our resources help you support your students better through this programme.

The second part you can access is Session 1 for the students, and in it the video & quiz for the students, plus session plan and overview video for yourself.  The other sessions follow the same format, as you can see on the curriculum detailed below.

Course curriculum

Remember, to see the contents of the curriculum, just select the "Free Preview" blue button at the top of the page

  • 1

    Getting started for teachers

    • READ: Welcome to ignite!

    • WATCH: Teacher's video: the story of iheart (35 minutes)

    • WATCH: Session Structure Overview (4 minutes)

    • PRINT: ignite teacher's guide

    • PRINT: iheart glossary of terms

    • PRINT: Class scorecard - ask a volunteer to track your quiz scores!

    • PRINT: iheart instruction manual (double-sided) to distribute to each student in Session 6

    • WATCH: Introduction to course for older students (optional)

  • 2

    Session 1: A Hero's Journey

    • WATCH: Overview of Session 1 for Teachers (3 minutes)

    • READ: Session 1 Teacher's Guide

    • PRINT: Session 1 Classroom/Hallway Posters

    • WATCH: Session 1 (21 minutes)

    • QUIZ: Session 1 - Test your learning

  • 3

    Next Steps

    • Find out More & Talk to our Team

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