A new 6 week Personal development programme from iheart

A ship only has to change its course by 1 degree to end up in a completely different destination.


We all face challenges in life. This can manifest in a number of ways including feeling stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, lacking confidence and self-motivation, low self-esteem and many others. Fundamentally we feel like we lack the resilience to live a life that is rewarding, fulfilling and free of struggles.    

This is why we have created the Resilient Living Programme. Whatever you are – be it a spouse, parent, leader, employee, carer, or anything else, this programme has been created to help you live a more emotionally healthy life no matter what challenges come your way.  

Throughout the programme we will be exploring the iheart Framework, discovering how we work psychologically, understanding why we don’t always experience our wellbeing, what covers it up and how we can uncover it again. Ultimately, we will learn to see that we truly have everything we need inside of us and realise we have an inner-compass that will help us to navigate life with more ease. 

The Resilient Living Programme is being taught by Charlotta Lynch, a leading expert and teacher of iheart to both adults and young people. It consists of twelve 90 -minute sessions delivered live and online and comprises formal teaching, Q&A, discussion, and reflection. 

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Testimonials about the iheart Framework

This has been a massive journey for me

Lucy Brice

This has been a massive journey for me, and I truly see what I am capable of. Charlotta, I have valued your teaching style and it has been lifechanging for me. I have valued your honesty.

One of the most important things to pass onto my children..

Andy Taylor

It was interesting to put the learning into action, and see when things were going off-track, and seeing the tools to be able to deal with it. It was a really insightful thing to see that things wont always be rosy, but that we have the tools to navigate through.

I think my whole life I've been looking for this...

Mandy Katz

I enjoyed the group so much, zoom was nothing for you guys - I feel like we were sitting in the same room.

I really saw how much I carried with me,

Kelly Aitken

All of those bits of learning, of information I was seeing, this course has brought it down, given it a foundation. There's practical elements to it, it makes absolute sense, I really saw how much I carried with me, and I realised I did not want to take that with me into the future

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Course Snapshot

    • Welcome Letter

    • WATCH: The iheart Framework

    • BONUS: Why having everything you think you "need" doesn't lead to mental health (60 mins video)

    • EXTRA READING: Pointing in a different direction

    • EXTRA RESOURCES: The teddy bear metaphor

    • EXTRA READING: What if wellbeing isn't something that can be stolen?

    • EXTRA READING: Happiness vs wellbeing

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Sunday & Wednesday Evenings for 6 Weeks

Sessions run on Wednesday and Sunday evenings, online on zoom, between 7:30pm and 9pm. The session is on Wednesday 21st September, and the final session is on Sunday 30th October

Meet your Instructor

Senior Faculty, Training & Delivery

Charlotta Lynch

Based in Helsinki, Finland, Charlotta has a strong background in healing, counselling, teaching and coaching. Her deep interest in the human mind, philosophy and language has propelled Charlotta to find ways of empowering people to tap into their innate health and potential, paving the way for her to become a leading proponent of the iheart approach in Scandinavia. Additionally, her professional expertise in translation is being put to excellent use as the iheart Curriculum is made available in multiple languages.


  • Is this a self study course or a "live" course

    This programme is taught live online on Zoom.

  • What are the dates & times?

    The course will run on Wednesday & Sunday evenings, over a 6 week period. With sessions between 7pm and 9pm

  • What is the difference between this programme and the facilitator training

    This personal development programme from iheart consists of 16 hours of personal learning and personal reflection. The Certified iheart Facilitators Training course is an 100 hour programme that takes you through a personal learning journey, but then additionally includes comprehensive modules instructing you how to teach the iheart framework and programme for your people aged 9-18, in your role as a Certified iheart Resilience Coach. The facilitator training also includes full access to the iheart portal, and all of the activities, animation and other teaching resources that you will require.

  • Can I "upgrade" to the facilitator training if I want to go further with my iheart learning?

    Yes, you can take this programme which covers the personal learning, and then join a subsequent facilitator training from Part 2. You will receive a £500 discount off the full price of the facilitator training.

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